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An export and import company to provide import and export services for others
In order to achieve our vision of supporting the Egyptian economy, OG has provided the import and export service for the account of others, by providing import and export cards and assisting the customer by providing him with all information related to this by preparing documents and communicating with suppliers to ensure the success of the process
Our ability to provide distinguished services at a high level has increased as a result of our growing pride and confidence. OG is characterized by the best import and export service for third parties and customs clearance provided by OG with distinction from its excellent package of services in importing and exporting goods to and from any country in the world, including Egypt .

You can request the import and export service for the account of others now

Why OG Import & Export Services?

We are distinguished by providing a great commercial service from other companies in which we work in an open market

But we have established our value and distinction over time, thanks to the mutual trust that has developed between us and our customers. Our mission is to earn your trust by providing excellent service to your valued customers, for the benefit of other people's accounts.

The speed and seriousness with which the import procedures are carried out

Which confirms your valuable faith in us. Providing import services from the country from which the goods will be imported to your warehouse is an honor for us. We assure you that the product is safe and that it complies with the requirements that have been agreed upon and mentioned in our contract with you.

Expand your product range and reach world markets

If you seek to increase your sales and customer base, or expand your marketing field, we can accompany you to the country of origin where the products will be imported and take you on a tour of the factories where the products will be imported to reassure you of our seriousness in dealing.

We can help and support you in making your ambition a reality

By developing a new market for your commodities in Egypt, Al-Rushd Company, the most distinguished company as the best shipping, logistics, import and export company for third parties, can bear all the burdens of import, export and customs clearance for you so that you can focus on developing your business.

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